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MEMOIR - Mania Mysteries: A Grief Journey

In the spring and early summer of 2014, my capacity for courage and renewal was challenged more deeply than ever before: I found myself in a manic episode in the wake of my sister’s illness and death. Mania Mysteries: A Grief Journey is a book about that experience. At the time of the psychotic break, I was a high-functioning professional woman with strong, loving relationships. How and why this happened to me is part of the mystery. Now some years after, I am back in the flow of my life but a life different in substantive ways from before the break. In the memoir I connect this psychic upheaval to grief, suggesting that such eruptions are sometimes crucial for growth and transformation to a healthier integration of self. In my case it was, and writing this memoir was central to my healing journey. What cataclysmic events have happened in your life that turned it upside down while at the same time offering the opportunity for courageous renewal? 


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I welcome your comments and questions. I am available for reading circles in which to share our stories about life challenges, healing, and the power of resilience. Contact me if you're interested in hosting a unique kind of book reading.

Here are some reviews:

"Greenstreet's extraordinary book is fascinating fro the layman, illuminating for the clinician and reassuring for sufferers of bi-polar illness."

- Sheila A. Falk, psychotherapist 

"I have finished the book. It was so insightful and personal and beautiful, poignant and real. Thank you. I am quite breathless from it, profoundly moved."

 - Robin F., Millbrook