Cat Greenstreet
Courage & Renewal® Facilitator

Align Who You Are with What You Do in the World





I am truly grateful for what happens in the space you create — into which you gently and skillfully invite us and guide us to become immersed. It helps me to be an active agent in my own journey, and in collaboration with others. – Scott G., Tolono, IL

As many who have embarked on spiritual or psychological explorations probably have experienced, transformation often comes in small, unexpected ways and moments that I cannot plot or devise with my mind.  They seem to come when I am in a receptive state.  To that end, I can place myself in a day of retreat with the intention of being open, but I can never know ahead of time what small utterance, image or interaction will bring me a new, deeper encounter with my own inner truth.  A day (or more) in a Circle of Trust has always brought me something new. –Peter B., New York, NY

Thank you so much for providing and creating the space of grace and sanctuary. I appreciated our time together and admire your gracious, courageous, and remarkable soul. – Jarvis M., Oneonta, NY

I found Cat Greenstreet’s Courage & Renewal Retreat to be a wonderful experience.  The most important thing for me was being in a space where what I was expected to do was listen to my own heart and soul. The very next day I needed to make a difficult decision involving other people. My decision was based on truly listening and having faith in my inner truth. At the age of 70, I am beginning to learn to trust myself in a way I had not done so before. I also did my best to be present to the other participants. Much learning, hope and love came out of this day. Thank you so much for providing a warm, welcoming and safe space for the participants to share their life journeys. – Nora F., Alligerville, NY

The circle felt safe, open and non-judgmental from the get-go. You provided guidance and support without being the least bit intrusive. The benefits of a circle of good listeners were experienced throughout the day. This was one of the most self-aware circles I’ve been in. People were very articulate and respectful of each other, which made it a really good learning environment. – Liz F., Amenia, NY

I knew when I arrived to Cat’s home for my first Courage and Renewal Retreat that I had made the right choice by signing up. As I drove from CT, I was feeling stressed and anxious about a current situation at work. As the workshop began, it was not long before I realized the other participants in my Circle of Trust, despite having their own reasons, were feeling similar emotions as me. While working in dyads, we practiced deep listening and asking Open and Honest questions, which gave our higher selves an opportunity to come through with guidance. By the end of the day, I felt a sense of renewal in my body and the courage to try again. Thank you, Cat.  – Tammy S., Connecticut

Cat Greenstreet is an extraordinarily skilled facilitator, and I feel completely safe in her hands. She is generous in her sharing of self, an excellent teacher who has found her soul/role to benefit all those who take the opportunity to participate in her retreats. This was my fourth or fifth retreat with Cat; knowing she will be leading a retreat makes me want to be there. She is a beautiful listening, compassionate presence.  – Blaze A., Rosendale, NY 

Thank you. The garden was a wonderful place to lift the metaphors into lively meaning. Our home meeting place is welcoming and warm. The guiding questions were significant and useful. I really appreciated Cat's skill in listening and guiding the group work. - Andrea G., Chestnut Ridge, NY