Cat Greenstreet
Courage & Renewal® Facilitator

Align Who You Are with What You Do in the World




Healing the Heart of Democracy® Circles

“Democracy is more about being in right relationship with each other than it is about being right.”

 “If We the People are to help heal our ailing democracy – and if we do not, who will? – we need to develop five crucial habits of the heart.”                                

 – Parker J. Palmer

A series of five or six two-hour monthly circles to explore five central “habits of the heart” that foster a way forward together in our diverse society, habits presented in Parker J. Palmer’s most recent book, Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Democracy Worthy of the Human Spirit. Using the Circle of Trust approach, we will create a respectful space in which all points of view and silence are welcome, a space where we can find the ways we come together as a community and face the heart-broken, resilient citizen in each of us, hearing one another regardless of our differences.